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Biological cotton socks from Healthy Seas Socks

Sustainable shopping,
think of your socks too!

Be the change! Improve the world, start with your socks. Because our fashionable socks are most definitely environmentally friendly. And not those socks made of goat’s wool, but of ecologically made nylon and GOTS certified cotton. We are committed to a 100 percent sustainable production chain and contribute to a more fashionable as well as cleaner world. Doesn’t that feel good? Let us explain exactly how that works.

Our socks are straightforward

What do cleaner oceans and socks have in common? Well, quite a lot. The fact is that a lot of fishing nets are abandoned in the ocean, which is extremely harmful to marine life. That is why we recover these fishing nets and transform it during an environmentally friendly process into ecological nylon. The regenerated nylon is combined with GOTS biological cotton. With our vast amount of knowledge and experience we create this into high quality, extremely soft and extensible socks.

“Sustainability is about the product and the process”

Corporate sustainability is in Star Sock’s DNA

Sustainable shopping is not possible with plastic packaging

Besides the material of the sock itself we also think about other details of the product as a whole. We do not want our socks to be packaged in plastic and we do not use bleached paper for our labels. As Star Sock, producer of socks, we are committed to only produce and sell products in such a sustainable manner by 2020. Self-evidently, we try to use the most environment-friendly type of packaging and transport when shipping our products.

“As producer of socks we are committed to produce and sell only in a sustainable manner by 2020”

Everyone is better off with our socks

Clothing is not always made under good conditions. We believe that a sock isn’t truly sustainable until the work environment is good as well. That is why our factories indulge in good working conditions, comfortable working environment and fair pay. This way everybody will experience improvement.

Star Sock is a member of Fair wear since 2015. We are very proud that after the Brand Performance Check in 2018 we have obtained the highest category “Leader”.