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Blog - Summer collection 2019: In Contrast


Blog zomer collectie contrast

The Healthy Seas Socks summer collection of 2019 is all about contrast. Contrast that can be found in nature: how the sand on the beach seems to be immovable yet is ever-changing, how the ocean’s surface is like an empty landscape while underneath the surface it is filled with vibrant life, and how the quiet ocean can transform into a raging sea when it meets the rocks.

The Healthy Seas Socks stylist was inspired by the contrasts in mother nature and combined different kind of knits together. An open pique knit with a closed dot, or dropping a few stitches here and there to create a fishing net structure. The combination of all these different knits is what created a variety of patterns and structures that makes the socks wearable, light and fresh during those hot summer days.

The fishing net structured sock doesn’t only provide a refreshing feeling during the summer but is also a tribute to the origin of the sock. Fishing nets from Greece, England or from our home country the Netherlands are recovered and transformed into nylon. We combine this with 100% organic cotton to get the super soft and comfortable Healthy Seas Socks.