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Healthy Seas recovers abandoned fishing nets so that we can create ecological socks.

How a sock

saves a fish

Society focuses more and more on sustainable living. Everyone wants to contribute. Healthy Seas Socks is here to help. Because the best ideas are often very simple ideas. We offer an everyday solution for this complex issue. Let yourself be convinced.

“Everyone wants to contribute, it just needs to be as easy as possible”

Together against plastic pollution

Healthy Seas is a non-profit initiative that was founded by a non-profit organization and 2 sustainable enterprises. The first is a professional in the removal of ghost nets, the second knows how to sustainably turn waste into nylon and the third has been producing high quality socks for decades. Together they will make sustainability more accessible for everyone.

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How does that work?

You’re probably wondering how that works. With socks! Healthy Seas Socks to be precise. Even though this commercial company is independent from Healthy Seas, they are connected in their mission. One recovers waste from the ocean and the other uses that waste to produce 100% ecological socks of sustainable nylon and GOTS biological cotton. This turns a simple sock into an effective way to easily and quickly contribute to a better world. As Fair Wear member we also stand for fair working conditions, fair pay and a sustainable production process.

“Part of the profit is directly returned to Healthy Seas to ensure that this mission does not end prematurely”

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Invest in the future

It doesn’t end there. To prevent that this mission ends prematurely, we invest part of the profit directly into the non-profit initiative. Healthy Seas also follows a no-nonsense approach by using a point system in the fishing industry to stimulate fishermen to cleanup ghost nets. We also share knowledge of marine pollution and sustainable solutions through educational programs available to anyone.