Healthy Seas Socks proudly wears the Fair Wear label

Healthy Seas Socks proudly wears the Fair Wear label

Sustainability… in recent years you see the word almost everywhere. Many people want to pay for sustainable products because a sustainable product contributes to a better world. But what exactly do you pay for when buying a pair of Healthy Seas Socks and why are sustainable products often more expensive? Read on to find out!

Healthy Seas Socks expresses itself as a sustainable brand. That is only possible if you actually can be sustainable. We believe it is important to act transparently to show what we stand for and what we believe in. We believe that everyone who has contributed to our production process should earn their money fairly. Both society and nature. We do this by applying 'True Pricing' and by being a member of the Fair Wear organization. By using a 'True Price' you do not only pay for the retail price but also the total picture. This means that we include the social and environmental costs in the market price. Doing no damage to people and nature, that's what makes us sustainable.

It may seem easy on the surface, but there are a lot of processes involved. First, the true cost is determined. It calculates how much someone must be paid before the material can be delivered to the factory and how much the factory must be paid before they can produce at all. And so on. You, therefore, calculate a fair price for everyone and create equality. Not just for the end product, but for the entire process. This also applies to sustainable materials. Healthy Seas Socks uses, among other things, BOTS cotton in the sock. The best type of cotton available on the market, where no chemicals are used in the production of the cotton plants. This makes them more expensive because it takes more time and effort to properly take care of the plant. Not to mention the other sustainable materials we use, such as the process of surfacing fishing nets to processing them into usable material. Sustainable materials are not the fastest working methods. That's the price you pay for quality.

Healthy Seas Socks carries the Fair Wear label. Fair Wear investigates, among other things, whether farmers receive fair wages for processing the raw materials, whether employees in the factory are well paid and whether they check working conditions. By setting the right conditions for employees, co2 emissions, raw materials, etc., you get a fair price for the product. You don't just get a label like that. There is a long process behind it that involves a lot of behind-the-scenes work. We have been proud to wear this beautiful Fair Wear label for years.

Healthy Seas Socks shows what we are sustainable in. Not only in our socks as the end product but throughout the brand. That's what you pay for.