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Healthy Seas Socks partner of Club Kakatua

Finally! We can shout if from the rooftops that Healthy Seas Socks is a proud partner of the new charity Club Kakatua. A charity with tangible projects that make our planet greener and healthier. Former tv-host Dennis Storm (known from the Dutch tv show 3 Op Reis) is one of the initiators of this straightforward, no-nonsense charity.

How does it work? Well, it’s quite simple. On the Club Kakatua website (www.clubkakatua.nl) are always 2 or 3 projects for which they’re raising money. The money needed to complete the projects is raised through donations and by selling giftcards. Is the goal reached? Then 100% of the money goes straight to the project.

There’s a Club Kakatua project for everyone. With your donation you can for example recover a rainforest or protect rhinos. Do you prefer to donate money to smaller projects? Then you could for example transform a business park into a forest. Whether it’s a big or small project, the most important thing is that the project is tangible. That is how you know exactly where your money is going.

Curious which projects Club Kakatua is supporting right now? Check out their website here or click on thevideo for more information.

Healthy Seas Socks partner of Club Kakatua